Thinking Beyond The Guarantee

Thinking Beyond The Guarantee

Think of your book of business…  No two clients are alike, right?  Every client that you work with has a different background with a unique set of needs and financial goals.

The recent industry focus on a guaranteed death benefit product to cover all scenarios may be a good solution for some of your clients — but not for all.

Luckily, many carriers now offer competitive life insurance products that provide flexibility by meeting a wide range of needs.  Today’s insurance can be used to accumulate cash value with strong upside potential and protection against market downturns.

Plus, long-term death benefit guarantees and affordable Long-Term Care riders that allow clients to accelerate their life insurance coverage to pay for LTC expenses if they occur.

Think BEYOND the guarantees – come equipped to client meetings with comprehensive solutions to address your clients’ varied needs.

Contact Insurance Advisors for access to the products and solutions that can secure your clients’ futures.

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