To buy Leads or not to buy Leads, is NOT the question!

To buy Leads or not to buy Leads, is NOT the question!

It feels like I’m listening to Shakespeare when I hear agents talk about “To buy leads or not to buy leads” when in fact they are asking themselves the wrong question.

The real questions are:

  1. Do you have enough clients to meet your goals?
  2. Are you happy with your income?

If the answers to those two questions are NO, then driving or buying leads is a no brainer.  The question is now, how do I drive leads and what are the best leads (purchased or not) for me?

Leads come from many different areas:

  • Mining your book of business
  • Seminars
  • Lead mailers
  • Door-to-Door
  • Facebook direct leads
  • Building your referral network
  • Partnership programs with businesses

Personally, I like all of these lead sources but depending upon the market and agent dynamics some may stand out more so than others.  We work with agents to help build these lead sources out through consultation along with sources for leads as well to help them get on their way.

Ask yourself… how much more income per a week is my goal?

How will you get there?

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